Pitch your idea

Do you want to pitch us your idea? Answer these questions and we will review them. Feel free to provide any information you want, or leave blank some of the questions, if you do not want to unveil certain parts or sensitive data. Also, we guarantee that the information is confidential, we do not steal!

General information

As your CTO on-demand, we must understand very well what are we going to work on; it is our compromise to deliver the best service, and this means becoming an active part of the whole project team.

Questions to answer:

Can you describe, in a few words, what is your business, product or service you want us to develop? What is the problem you are solving?

Who will you be selling your product/service to? How does your company or project make money?

Do you already have an MVP or product developed we can check out? If not, could you provide us a list of resources for competitors or similar products or services in the same business?

Are you incorporated? If so, what is your company name, contact, website, etc?

Project planning

Our philosophy is to deliver work on a daily basis. That is why we do not produce estimates or fixed budgets. This does not mean, however, that we do not plan ahead and set milestones; rather the contrary. Also, sometimes our customers need to reach certain deadlines based on agreements with third parties, marketing deals, assisting to important fairs or conferences, etc.

Questions to answer:

Do you already have a project plan or roadmap we can review?

Do you need to make the development calendar adjust to fit certain dates or even a launch date?

Daily communications

Project management between Nomadblue and the customer involves working hand-in-hand using the following:

Questions to answer:

Do you already have someone appointed as the one who will hold this role/position? If not, will you be able to have someone ready the day we start working together, if we close an agreement?

Working time sync

As you perhaps already know by now, we are based in Santiago de Chile. Most of our clients, though are scattered around the globe, so it is important that we know how to schedule our calendars and times.

Questions to answer:

What timezone do you usually work on? What will be your daily availability?