Hello! We are sorry we haven't been posting for a while, so it would appear that we have been idle... On the contrary! We went very busy with one of our most beloved projects, Eduquia. While we completed our last tasks for the first full version of our e-learning interface, the business guys reached an agreement with Bicentenaria, a company that performs enterprise training courses, to produce our first third-party online course. Well, the course, "how to hire foreign workers in Chile" is now ready to accept its first students.

The showcase of Eduquia will be primarily targeting mid-size companies with a need to constantly train their employees different skills, from the ubiquitous office programs (e.g. Microsoft Excel) to very specific topics such as how to work at a large company (e.g. retail stores) or how to run specialised machines (e.g. for the mining industry, which is big here in Chile).

At the very core of the learning process is the notion of feeding the student "pills of knowledge" in the form of interactive sessions, that is, video lessons synchronised with slideshows and quiz popups appearing in the middle of the play. To achieve this fancy behaviour, we used a very nice library from Mozilla Corporation, popcorn.js. And, of course, there is an open forum to post questions and discuss anything with the teachers and other students as well.

Finally, the platform generates very useful information about the progress the students make, showing statistics on the performance and other data bits. This information, besides being useful to the users, it is also a perfect window to their supervisors, like heads of departments, human resources teams, etc. Eduquia includes a dashboard for this purpose, where different data is displayed, according to the type of user.