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IT development: a service, not a product

In the tech landscape, startups are created everyday, shaping the dreams of entrepreneurs around the world aiming to solve some particular problem, ease certain pain suffered by an industry, or bringing a product to the market that implements a new revolutionary twist.

And yet, most of them still underestimate the development of their projects and treat them as a time-fixed and budget-fixed project plan. They come to the agency or freelancer desk and ask for quotation, bringing their set of requirements and features in a nice PDF or (ugh!) Microsoft Word.

Hola Startups!

Hola! This is the first post after a really freaking busy past year, and what's more important, this is the first blog post of Nomadblue as a brand new development company! We expect to disrupt the way startups in Santiago de Chile and LatinAmerica are working to develop their ideas and projects.

Eduquia, the platform for enterprise online training courses

Announcing our first course at Eduquia, the platform for enterprise online training courses

Partnership with DadNeos

This post officially announces the partnership between Nomadblue and DaDNeos, our first agreement with an smart angel investors network. Good news!

Rnovo - Protect your business, register your trademark online

For the first time in LatAm, we bring you a 100% online service to register your trademark in an easy, comprehensible and secure way. Specially designed and crafted for entrepreneurs, startups and innovative companies, Rnovo offers a comprehensive tool that aims to tear down the fear and lack of awareness regarding intellectual property and encourages you to protect their business or work, before it's too late.