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FlacComp (FLAC Compilation)

I recently released a little application I wrote for personal use. I am very scrupulous mantaining my music collections. I fancy having them in lossless formats, specially FLAC for storage and Apple Lossless for playback in iTunes. To achieve a decent level of tidiness, I wrote some Python code so I can organize the files and associated metadata tags right from the command line.

The app can be found in its project page here.

Please comments, forks, jokes, donations or awards welcome!

reStructuredText on GitHub wikis using virtualenv

When doing documentation work, be it regular documentation, how-tos, or wikis, I always use reStructuredText syntax if I have the chance, so eventually if I have to provide documentation in other forms, I can convert source text into other formats like HTML or PDF seamlessly. This same rule applies to wikis, which are, after all, a collaborative way of producing documentation.