My Django blogging app, django-nomadblog, is sporting a new look after I added many features I needed for some of my present and future project developments. Mainly, I wanted to turn this app into a multiple blogging system, which means I am able to create and manage multiple blogs from the same installation, via admin interface. The implementation of this followed some improvements in the code and the modularity of the app itself.

To upgrade this django blog to the new version of django-nomadblog, I should have created a migration using South, for example. But considering the small size of the database and the project inn general, I went the lazy way and created a fixture from the old database, edited by hand to meet the new models and relationships, and imported it to a fresh database. My punishment for being lazy was missing to update django.contrib.sites to replace the default with, and to include the data related to the projects site section in the fixture. I'll never learn.