Hey you, political leader, founder of a new religion or spiritual guru! With this application, your acolytes will receive the official organizational propaganda pamphlets right into their inboxes. Keep them updated with the Truth!

In a recent fever that drove me to program a system for the marketing department at my Barcelona SEO company, I developed a project that integrates Django admin to create basic versions of newsletters, manage the subscribers, and queue emails for later delivery using Celery workers and Amazon SES as platform. So now I published on GitHub the part that manages the basic models and functions:


This simple Django application is made to be used for trivial newsletter (pamphlets) deliveries with your information (propaganda), where you supply the raw content (both plain text and HTML versions) to be delivered. Subscribers will then receive the emails you send.

In the coming days I will maybe open source code for a sample project using the app, as well as all that components to finish the subscriber mailing cycle, or perhaps write a post with the instructions that I found useful to achieve that. In the meantime, I uploaded django-propaganda to the Python index, so that can easily install using your favorite package manager (i.e. Pip). I called it "django-propaganda" and used jargon like "pamphlets" as an attempt to be a little different from the rest of apps out there using the same nomenclature for the emailing stuff. I hope it does not confuse people.

Forks more than welcome!