Well it was time already to give some more code into the public domain and the community, so I decided to release my personal way of starting new django projects. I call it django-nbskel ("nb" for nomadblue and "skel" for skeleton).

Development code can be found, along with my other apps, in Bitbucket: http://bitbucket.org/nabucosound/django-nbskel/

The project page is here.

The purpose if this application is to contain a basic django project and help you out configure it to speed up the process of starting up a new development, be it a quick hack or a long project.

I often need to produce new django projects and I don't enjoy doing repetitive things. They start basically with the same structure so with this app I can wrap all the first steps into a couple of actions. It also makes me feel secure because I always tend to forget to initialize settings, include files, import modules, and so on, so with django-nbskel I am sure I am beginning to develop upon a tested and stable code.

Please be warned this is code that automates stuff for me, so you will be probably modifying it to fit your django configuration, tools, and deployment layout. A much recommended way to do this is forking the project and host it in social distributed code hosting sites like Bitbucket or Github.