Coming up with a company name and domain

One of the first things entrepreneurs do when they are about to begin their journey through a new startup adventure is pick up a name for the project to work on and the products or services they will be building. Although my advice is always delaying naming your idea for as long as possible, there comes a time when you need to call "the thing" some name. Usually that names become also their business name. In the tech space most of the times a TLD or ccTLD internet domain that matches the name is mandatory, because users and customers will be using or consuming such products or services through a web browser.

Eduquia, the platform for enterprise online training courses

Announcing our first course at Eduquia, the platform for enterprise online training courses

Partnership with DadNeos

This post officially announces the partnership between Nomadblue and DaDNeos, our first agreement with an smart angel investors network. Good news!

From LIKE to Full-Text Search (part II)

This is the second and last of a series of posts where I covered the background necessary to use PostgreSQL full-text search capabilities with Django to build a powerful advanced search without having to use other search indexes. This is specially helpful if you are running in SaaS environments such as Heroku, where add-ons are scarce and not always available to your budget.

Rnovo - Protect your business, register your trademark online

For the first time in LatAm, we bring you a 100% online service to register your trademark in an easy, comprehensible and secure way. Specially designed and crafted for entrepreneurs, startups and innovative companies, Rnovo offers a comprehensive tool that aims to tear down the fear and lack of awareness regarding intellectual property and encourages you to protect their business or work, before it's too late.


Implementing online payments in Chile is a nightmare. Local developers freak out only to hear it. And if it wasn't enough, the only choice you have is to use Webpay Plus by Transbank, a holding of banks and big players that operates all credit and debit card transactions in the country.

Enter our latest Django open source project at Nomadblue: django-chile-payments. Read on to know the whole story!

From LIKE to Full-Text Search (part I)

This is the first of a series of posts where I will be covering the background necessary to use PostgreSQL full-text search capabilities with Django so we can build a powerful advanced search without having to use other search indexes. This is specially helpful if you are running in SaaS environments such as Heroku, where add-ons are scarce and not always available to your budget.


We have been busy lately working on some projects (still under development) that required a notification system for the different events triggered by the users activity. You know, the kind of notifications from your favorite social networks for things like "Congratulations ! You have unblocked a new bagde" or "User Slothie is now following you", usually received via email and also displayed on the site itself.

IT development: a service, not a product

In the tech landscape, startups are created everyday, shaping the dreams of entrepreneurs around the world aiming to solve some particular problem, ease certain pain suffered by an industry, or bringing a product to the market that implements a new revolutionary twist.

And yet, most of them still underestimate the development of their projects and treat them as a time-fixed and budget-fixed project plan. They come to the agency or freelancer desk and ask for quotation, bringing their set of requirements and features in a nice PDF or (ugh!) Microsoft Word.

Firefox, cross-domain fonts and Amazon CORS

We recently run into an issue with Firefox not loading fonts through the @font-face CSS statement. Everything was looking OK on our local environments but once we deployed to a live site this browser was denying renderization of the different font types.

Google Analytics tracking code into Django projects, the easy way

Creating a pluggable Django app to just embed the GA code seemed overkill to me, so I created this post as a quick reference for next Django web projects.

Useful Packages for Django projects (part 1)

This is the first of a series of posts about which libraries and tools we use for our Django development. Almost every Nomadblue project will have the following packages in their requirements.txt pip file.

Hola Startups!

Hola! This is the first post after a really freaking busy past year, and what's more important, this is the first blog post of Nomadblue as a brand new development company! We expect to disrupt the way startups in Santiago de Chile and LatinAmerica are working to develop their ideas and projects.

Asynchronous email delivery with Django, Amazon SES, Celery and Supervisord

A few weeks ago, I released a simple Django app to manage models for simple newsletters. The package itself is blatantly useless if we do not use it on a project that integrates with other parts, so I created a fully-equipped system that can create propaganda, assign it to subscribers and queue it ready to be sent whenever I need to.

django-propaganda: simple newsletter app

Hey you, political leader, founder of a new religion or spiritual guru! With this application, your acolytes will receive the official organizational propaganda pamphlets right into their inboxes. Keep them updated with the Truth!

reStructuredText on GitHub wikis using virtualenv

When doing documentation work, be it regular documentation, how-tos, or wikis, I always use reStructuredText syntax if I have the chance, so eventually if I have to provide documentation in other forms, I can convert source text into other formats like HTML or PDF seamlessly. This same rule applies to wikis, which are, after all, a collaborative way of producing documentation.

Translated text images for lazy programmers

In a previous post about django translations in this blog, I shared how to achieve a quick system that allowed me to manage translations stored in models and served using a template tag. In this post I will explain how to serve images that contain translated text and, hence, a localized image exists for each language.

Using disqus comments and django-localeurl

Lately I have added comments to my company blog. We have it localized, so things turned out to be not so straight forward as one can think.

FlacComp (FLAC Compilation)

I recently released a little application I wrote for personal use. I am very scrupulous mantaining my music collections. I fancy having them in lossless formats, specially FLAC for storage and Apple Lossless for playback in iTunes. To achieve a decent level of tidiness, I wrote some Python code so I can organize the files and associated metadata tags right from the command line.

The app can be found in its project page here.

Please comments, forks, jokes, donations or awards welcome!

New release of django-nomadblog

My Django blogging app, django-nomadblog, is sporting a new look after I added many features I needed for some of my present and future project developments. Mainly, I wanted to turn this app into a multiple blogging system, which means I am able to create and manage multiple blogs from the same installation, via admin interface. The implementation of this followed some improvements in the code and the modularity of the app itself.

My thoughts on DjangoCon Berlin 2010

During this past week I attended DjangoCon, which took place in Berlin thanks to the German Django Association, a non-profit organization founded by german djangonauts. Interesting talks about Django, WSGI, NoSQL, testing, CouchDB, MongoDB, South or front-end design, to name a few. And in the evening or night, geeks gathered in Berlin pubs for beers and fun.

Django translations for lazy programmers

I came to a dirty but practical solution for one minor project I had to develop for a client who wanted a website with i18n capabilities and also needed to have the different translations for each candidate values each in a different field, in the same model. That is, one field for each language. Here in this post I explain how to achieve it.


Well it was time already to give some more code into the public domain and the community, so I decided to release my personal way of starting new django projects. I call it django-nbskel ("nb" for nomadblue and "skel" for skeleton).

Template tags in django-rbac

It's been a month since the initial release of django-rbac and so far it turned out to be pretty useful for many people. I am therefore happy to have contributed another grain of sand to the open source Django community beach.

Manifesto on the rights of Internet users

Last Monday the Spanish Government sent the parliament the latest draft for the Ley de Economia Sostenible (Sustainable Economy Act), which contained riders modifying the current laws on copyright and interactive services. These amendments give the Spanish Ministy of Culture the administrative power to take down websites (or order ISPs to block those hosted overseas), all without a court order and in the name of 'safeguarding Intellectual Property Laws against Internet Piracy'. For this reason some of us have written a manifesto that is being published today all over spanish weblogs and media.

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