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Startup acceleration. We help launch disruptive companies by bringing our operational expertise right into their core businesses

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Freedom to innovate

Imagine you could bring startup mentors and advisors, entrepreneurship visionaries, awesome code ninjas, UI/UX design gurus and top-notch tech evangelists into a single super-entity and incorporate it to your business or project. You are liberated from the difficulties of the building process, so suddenly all your constraints disappear allowing you to focus on what really matters:
your product, your clients, your mission.

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Boostrap your growth

We propose you to walk together in your way to creating your product, building MVPs (minimal viable products) first and incrementally turn them into full-featured products. Time, resources, goals and your economy they all align together to streamline the development progress; together we set the pace to organic growth and the tools to business wisdom.

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Startups == #noestimates

Innovative projects need a flexible environment to build prototypes and validate their business models quickly. Get rid of fixed estimates and requirements, because they are like handcuffs to your ideas! Let us guide you and your team through all the different stages, seamlessly and in a radical immersive routine to keep you aware and collaborative.

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Articles & News

Eduquia, the platform for enterprise online training courses

Announcing our first course at Eduquia, the platform for enterprise online training courses

Partnership with DadNeos

This post officially announces the partnership between Nomadblue and DaDNeos, our first agreement with an smart angel investors network. Good news!

From LIKE to Full-Text Search (part II)

This is the second and last of a series of posts where I covered the background necessary to use PostgreSQL full-text search capabilities with Django to build a powerful advanced search without having to use other search indexes. This is specially helpful if you are running in SaaS environments such as Heroku, where add-ons are scarce and not always available to your budget.

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