We invest in talent to create disrupting businesses. We have the tools and the expertise for your ideas.

  • Your project can reach a global audience instantly. Let us build your next social network website or smartphone app.

  • We're based in Santiago de Chile, the fascinating new capital for startups and ventures in Latin America.

Our secret sauce for success

From the first line of code or sketch until the long-awaited launch day, we work hand-in-hand with you to listen and understand better your ideas and needs every day. Our company is not an island, it's an extension of your own team territory.

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About us

We are a group of technology enthusiasts building applications and first-class web tools. Experienced in entrepreneurship and lean methodologies, we have already helped a lot of startups and companies to transform their projects into something real.

Hola Startups!

Startups need a flexible technical roadmap to prototype in an agile way, along with developers who are able to adapt to changes quick.This is why our modus operandi is focused in guiding our customers through all the different stages.

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Open source

We love it and we use it extensively. We write most of our stuff in Python and take advantage of the excellent and mature Django framework to produce API-based MVPs in a record time, ready to be consumed by front-end desktop GUIs, web UIs or mobile apps.

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Flexible but unbreakable

Our core team integrates professionales spanning different disciplines leading our client's projects and managing a variable set of collaborators. This structure allows us to be like bamboo, like... water. "Be water, my friend"!

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Let's talk

Nomadblue wants to become a leader in development and web-based technology implementation. Apps for mobile devices, social networks or e-commerce platforms, you name it. If you need experts to incorporate into your business plan, let's talk.

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Nomadblue S.L
Alcántara 200, oficina 601
Las Condes. C.P 7550159
Santiago, Chile
phone: +56958791449
email: info@nomadblue.com

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